Sunday, February 28, 2010

You want me to call who?

Pain level: 5
Dislocations so far today: none yet

Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder a couple of times
Meds: meloxicam--1 tablet.
Major complaint: more stiffness/pain/swelling in the joints of my hand (R>L) 

Ended up coming home last night after all since the storm had cleared up.  And when I say "last night" I only mean that it was before we had gone to sleep.  We got home around 5AM and watched the sun start to come up on the drive.  We were planning on crashing at Mr. C's because of the sleet/snow but since that was a nonissue, M was too worried about how my back would take to sleeping on an air mattress without my usual fortress of pillows.  She was concerned I would wake up unable to walk, so home we went.  Probably smart of her.  

But now we don't know which way is up.  I hope we can get back to a normal sleeping schedule.

Hands were more painful/stiff than normal this morning.  When I'd try to make a fist, it felt like my cuticles were pulling away from my nails.  Ew.  I figure it's because the meds were not as fresh in my system as when I'm taking them at 6PM and waking up by 9AM at the latest.  Let's just say we didn't wake up at 9AM after going to bed at 5AM.

Got advice today about Disability Benefits.  Since I first called them at the end of January and they still haven't called to make an appointment (except for the one time they called in January when my phone was out of battery and I followed their call-us-back instructions immediately, but no luck getting another call), I have been advised to call the Office of the Attorney General for my state and both of my state's Senators and inform them of my situation.


Well, if that's not intimidating--perhaps more so than filing for disability--than I don't know what is.  Yikes.   Wish me luck!

Hand stiffness using middle finger has measure
Time: 3:22 PM
Can touch forearm?  Just barely--and OW!
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 50º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 115º
Can touch forearm? not even close and MAN! that hurts

Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 50º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 105º

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