Saturday, October 16, 2010

A fear I had

I finally heard back about the lab work I had done last month.  I had called the nurses' line a while back to get my results and the woman literally read me off the abbreviations and the resulting numbers from the tests but couldn't explain them to me besides to say that my liver function was low.  So I had a mini spaz attack and called Dr. K.

Apparently having low liver function actually means that the number that would be high if my liver was failing, is low.  Which usually means you are a smaller person.  (P.S. I'm five foot zero.)  That would have been nice to know.

But everything else is fine.  No anemia, kidneys are holding, all that jazz.  Woohoo!

Anyway, the low blood pressure thing has still been giving me trouble.  Dr. K recommended I talked to my GP about that since it's likely EDS related and gave me the very popular phrase these days, "By now, you probably know more about this than me."

So I was at a friend's reading the other day and I had arrived a tidge late so there weren't any seats left.  I was leaning against the door frame until my back hurt too bad, then I would squat until my legs hurt too much then stand up and lean until my back hurt.  You know, rotating the pain.  And the whole standing after squatting thing is not the best plan when your blood pressure is dropping, what with the room spinning and blurred vision.

I was feeling pretty faint, and I had this fear.  Now fainting in public is something I'm scared of doing in the first place but see, I was standing/squatting next to this college kid sitting in a chair taking notes and I had this fear that I was going faint on him.  Not only that but I was going to faint into this kid's lap, (maybe breaking him--he looked scrawny) and my ass would hit his pen and it would write something in his notebook.  I would write in his notebook with my fainted ass. 

Then this kid would be walking around with some little scribble thing that was written by a fainting girl's ass. 

That was my very specific fear.  And it kept me going.  And I didn't faint.  Which is what I was going for in the first place.

Off tomorrow for a few days with the wifey to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.   Which is even better than not writing in someone's notebook with an unconscious ass.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tips for raising blood pressure?

I know.  It's a weird question.  

I haven't been online in a little while.  I've been feeling pretty awful.  Ah, orthostatic hypotension, how do I loathe thee?

I'm almost constantly dizzy, headachey, nauseous, and crazy amounts of fatigued.  When I sit up or stand up it all gets 1000 times worse--my vision goes all wonky and blurry and my headache throbs even worse for a few seconds.  It's been really dumb. 

My blood pressure has been bouncing around.  Generally it's been 85/50 but sometimes down to 70/52 and sometimes up to my normal 100/60.  When I checked right now it was 97/42 with hr at 73bpm. 
Dysautonomia has never been mentioned in my case, but my doc is aware of my symptoms and the EDS. 

I feel really tired.  For a couple of days there I was getting pretty scared about how utterly crappy I felt but my pressure went up for a few days but now I feel pretty gross again. 

Currently I'm trying to eat a bunch of salty foods and increase my water intake even more.  I'm pounding Gatorade and V8 and eating canned soup and frozen foods.  These are things I don't generally eat.  I'm a water and salad girl.  I'm that freak who likes to eat healthy foods (with a side of cake), so getting free reign to eat all the ramen I want isn't fun-time news.

Anyone else dealing with these kinds of issues?  Got any tips on coping?  Or ways to take in salt without eating a pound of pretzels?  Because while that would be tasty, I've worked hard to lose about 20 pounds this year in a healthy way and I don't feel like gaining it all by because of doctor mandated ramen. 

Also, I started on celebrex and now I have really bad insomnia.  Like, why the hell and I laying down at all, this is stupid.  Why do I even own a bed thoughts at 3:30 AM.  Even while on my SLEEPING MEDS which normally knock me out like a brick wall hit me.   I'm taking myself off it for a few days to see if I sleep better.