Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hand photos--otherwise it's business as usual

I've been meaning to post some pictures M was kind enough to take of my hands and the new weird stuff that has been showing up on them.  None of it is painful or even very noticeable to other people, but to me, it really sticks out.

Things have been pretty average.  EDS is EDS--I've been popping joints out and back in as usual.  I went down to my half dose of plaquenil and the sky hasn't fallen which is nice.  My pain level is up.  My hands hurt more than they did before, they swell more in the morning, and the pain wakes me up some nights.  But it's still a manageable amount of pain.  If when I report to my Rheumy in two weeks he tells me he'd like to stick with this treatment plan, I wouldn't fight him on it.  As long is it doesn't get worse.  And as long as my organs are still all in working order, which my bloodwork that I got done on Monday should tell us.  Here's hoping.

Finger Pictures!

These are the dents I had in my fingernails.  You can see them on my index and ring fingernails.  There is a tiny one on my pinky fingernail but it doesn't really show up.  They have all, except for the pinky, grown out.

Here is a not so great photo of a splinter hemorrhage on my thumbnail.  By the time I thought to take a picture of it, it had already half grown out, but here's what was left of it.  You can see it (it looks like a black line) in the right-hand corner of my nail, right before the nail turns white at the edge.
And here are what my nail-beds and cuticles look like now.  Back when I first started seeing docs for this autoimmune thing, they had checked my cuticles and said they were right on the edge of being abnormal--but they looked normal to the eye to me.  Now they don't look so normal, so I hope my doc checks them out when I see him next. 

You should be able to see along my cuticles, there are little blood colored dots and streaks.  They weren't there a month ago.