Thursday, December 31, 2009

More snow and happy new year!

Pain level: 5 in morning/ 6 by now
Dislocations so far today: right ankle twice.
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder multiple times, left shoulder twice, left elbow once, right wrist once.
Meds: OH! good idea!  I'm gonna go take a naproxen, hardcore dose.
Major complaint: Stiffness in morning into afternoon.  Shoulders and the fingers of my right hand are very stiff and achy.

Another year flown by and a huge one for M & I. <3  It snowed more today so I was surprised to wake up NOT feeling like complete hell, but it's catching up now. Supposed to snow for the next 4 days. I did a tiny bit of light shoveling (more like push snow into a pile) so that M didn't have to do the whole thing herself.  Did okay.  My shoulders hurt now and my right hand feels stiff and painful.  More and more worried about arthritis.  Throw it on the pile of things that I'm scared of, I guess.  It's not the worst one on there by a long shot.

Stinging pains in my lumbar spine today.  Nothing too bad, just these zings that almost itch.  Weird sensation.

Happy New Year, all!  Hope it's full of good health and love and cheer!

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