Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Somedays I wish breathing and knees weren't as necessary as they are.

Pain level: 6
Dislocations so far today: none.  (woohoo!)
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder (multiple times), left shoulder (twice), left scapula once (I hate that one).
Meds: none
Major complaint: Something went seriously wonky with my left knee--not sure what though.  My ribs are still killing me from the dislocation/subluxation.

A rib on my right side subluxed last night--felt like one rib had slide over another and got stuck that way.  It was like that all night until this morning when it finally popped back. Felt like I had a small child squeezing half of my ribcage all night.  Breathing sucks like that--laughing is worse.  But now it's back in place and just super sore from being like that all night.  Extremely tender to touch but I'm no longer relying on shallow breathing.

My left knee gave out on my while I was throwing away a napkin (seriously dangerous activity that).  It felt like my patella shifted to the side and I had this extremely sharp and intense shooting pain radiating from my knee, like a zing of nerve pain.  Then it was gone and now my knee is very tender and has me limping a little.  WTF, knee?  WTF.

Mornings have been getting more and more difficult.  Winter is really here, I guess.  A few hours before I wake up for good in the morning, I've been getting woken up by joint pain in my knees, shoulders,  elbows, back, and hips.  An overwhelming achiness, the kind of feeling that's like, "Good gods, just don't move--maybe it'll go away and we can have a manageable day."  So I go back to sleep with this fear that I'm going to be out of commission that day, but so far when I wake up, the pain has lessened.  A trend I can get behind. 

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