Sunday, December 27, 2009

Inch of rain

Pain level: 7
Dislocations so far today: none
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder multiple times, left shoulder once, left wrist twice.
Meds: Naproxen--hardcore dose.
Major complaint: Inflammation and stiffness in morning into afternoon--especially in elbows, spine, hips, and knees.

More weather kicking my ass.  Not going to stay on here long since it hurts too much to sit at a computer right now, but I feel a wreck today.  Hobbling like Igor, everything aching.  Hands are better waking up today than yesterday, but everything else in my body has taken up the slack.  Hopefully it will work itself out as the day goes on.

EDIT:  By evening, condition hasn't really improved at all, but my meds have kicked in so I at least don't care as much that I can barely walk.  That's something right?  Sucks because I really wanted to get some writing done today but I don't have the brain capacity or the wrists/fingers to do more than this.  Seeing my primary care doc tomorrow--we'll see how everything goes.

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