Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having a mostly good-joint day

Pain level: 3/4
Dislocations so far today: right ankle once
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder a couple of times, right wrist once, right scapula a bunch of times.
Meds: meloxicam--1 tablet.
Major complaint: some stiffness/pain/swelling in the joints of my hand (R>L)

Joints have been better than average today.  Kind of neat.  I mentioned how much the new meds are making a difference to my dad and he told me to call and tell him every day I'm having a good day--because it makes his.  He's a good guy, you know? 

I did some cleaning today that I've been wanting to do for months and it felt really good to get something accomplished.  Going through my things I found about 30-40 old love letters (yeah, I know, he was prolific) from my ex-boyfriend--best part was when we was glancing through them, my eyes landed on the phrase, "like in 'Cool Runnings.'"  Wow.  Pretty awesome. 

My stupid scapula on the right side keeps subluxing.  Every time I move that arm up and down it just goes THUNK THUNK THUNK.  Yuck.  It's that same shoulder that subluxes if I look at it wrong so I shouldn't be surprised.

I've been having a hard time trying to tell if my mouth/lips feel tight when I open my mouth wide.  I'm supposed to be keeping track of that sort of thing for the possible scleroderma.  Well, when I open my mouth wide, it hurts.  It feels pulled tight like a sunburn and my skin around my lips turns white.  Here's the thing though--is this a new symptom, or they have always felt that way but I haven't bothered opening my mouth wider than normal in a while?  How do you tell? 

Hand stiffness using middle finger has measure
Time: 11:18 PM
Can touch forearm?  Just barely--and OW!
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 70º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 125º
Can touch forearm? not even close and MAN! that hurts
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 60º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 110º 

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