Monday, March 15, 2010

Basement flooding? Why yes, we have that in stock.

Pain level: 6
Dislocations so far today: right index finger twice
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder a couple of times, right patella once, left patella twice.  Ew.
Meds: meloxicam--1 tablet. 
Major complaint: Spinal stenosis pain down both legs,  stiffness/pain/swelling in the joints of my hand (R>L), general joint looseness worse than normal.

Several inches of water in the fully furnished, and did I mention carpeted, basement.  Huzzah.  They bailed it out by 8PM.  Just checked again at 10PM and the water is all the way back up to nearly 2 inches.

The meloxicam does seem to be kicking back in though, which is good.  Hands were movable this morning again.  Although my mom kept commenting on how shiny my fingers and knuckles look, which isn't very encouraging unless I was really gunning for a diagnosis of Scleroderma.  Ugh.

I've also noticed that I've got these tiny vertical black lines on the nails my right index and middle finger.  They begin and end before the white part of my nail, but they are very small.  I think they're called splinter hemorrhages.   Have to remember to bring that up to the doc on Wednesday.

I got mail from my Rheumatologist that I was hoping would be my blood test results so I could maybe say right away, "Hey look at that! My ANA is back down to normal levels!"  But it was a bill.  Doctors are always telling me one amount for the copay and then bill me for the real number.  Hey, I'm not a secretary--maybe paperwork is fun.   

Social Security phone interview tomorrow.  I got all my information ready today.  I am super nervous.  

Joints were all loose in their sockets today.  Tons of thunks and subluxations and feeling like I was about to fall down.  I subluxed my right kneecap and while I was still in the Ow!Ow!Ow! stage and hopping on my other leg, subluxed my LEFT kneecap.  Come on, guys.  I really need more than 15 seconds between limb malfunction.  It's been one of those days.

Hand stiffness using middle finger has measure
Time: 10:35 PM
Can touch forearm?  Just just barely.  Ow.
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 60º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 130º
Can touch forearm? not very close
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 50º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 110º  

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