Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where's House?

I have been fail at writing on here.  I will try very much to do a better job.

Pain level: 6/7
Dislocations so far today: Left shoulder, left elbow, right ankle.
Subluxations so far today: right shoulder a few times, right elbow once, left wrist once.
Meds: naproxen, hardcore dose.
Major complaint: pain at spinal fusion, stiffness in the morning.

Productive update:  I'm filing paperwork to get my exception from losing my health insurance.  All fingers and limbs are crossed.

Not fun update:  The test results of my bloodwork could have been more awesome and normal.
  • Good news: My Rheumatoid factor is negative.  (YAY!)
  • Good news:  My sed rate (ESR) is normal.  (YAY!)
  • Good news: My thyroid is awesomesauce.  (YAY!)
  • Good news: No anemia. (YAY!)
  • Bad news: My ANA titer is way high.
 I've had these tests done a bunch of times and they are generally normalish/low.
2 years ago I had a positive Rheumatoid factor and a normal ANA titer (less than 1:40). 

Last year I had a negative Rheumatoid factor and a positive but low ANA titer (less than 1:80).

For an ANA titer to be considered high it must be greater than 1:640.  This january my ANA was 1:1280.  Uh, hey now.  No need to be jumpin' up there so fast, antinuclear antibodies.  Settle down.

That high a rate is rarely a false positive, meaning I've got some sort of autoimmune problem going on.  That level of ANA and the pattern (homogeneous) are consistent with Lupus and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD).  Great.  So now there's a chance I might have Lupus.  I want to see House.  It's never lupus when he's around.

It's got me and M pretty scared.  As M put it, things like EDSIII suck and are degenerative, but they aren't fatal so we know that we can always work through them together and be okay if not "whole".  Lupus is another animal.

Trying to stay positive and calm and just wait out the 3 weeks until we see the Rheumatologist, but it isn't easy some days. 

Joint wise:  Raynaud's has been ever present, nerve pain is coming and going, back pain is normal to worse,  and I'm generally feeling run down.  So, in general not a whole lot new to report. 

Oh and Social Security is so not returning my calls which is annoying.  Guess I'll go leave them another message.

Hand stiffness using middle finger as a measure.
Time: 8:43 PM
Can touch forearm? Yes and could since 10:30 AM
Angle of extension of center joint of finger: 85º
Angle of extension of last joint of finger: 120º
Can touch forearm? No. over an inch off
Angle of extension of center joint of finger: 80º
Angle of extension of last joint of finger: 110º

PS:  no idea why there is a bullet at the end of my entry.  wtf.

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