Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walking= vetoed by spine.

Pain level: 8
Dislocations so far today: none
Subluxations so far today: right shoulder a few times, left elbow once, right index finger once.
Meds: naproxen, hardcore dose.  Tramadol-wooziness from last night.  Took one around midnight and was loopy until around 2/3 PM. 
Major complaint: stenosis pain and strained back muscles.

Hahahaha--yeah.  Things have been better.  I didn't post on here because things were sort of average and I was having continual, if minor, freakouts over the insurance issue.  Then Friday night we got a call at 4 in the morning that M's sister (who is post surgery and lives downstairs) needed us.  We both shot up and bolted downstairs.  Turned out to be minor which is good.  But with my joints--when I wake up in the morning, I normally need to take about 45 minutes until I am able to stand up.  So bolting downstairs thinking something was horribly the matter was what we call a bad plan.  I fell right back to sleep, but when I woke up in the morning I knew I was in for hell.  Pain level was a steady 9 the whole day.
It felt like all of my core stability muscles had seized up and I was getting nerve pain from my stenosis even without moving my back so I knew that my spinal cord was inflamed.  That's not fun shit.  (Not a full blown flare up, thank god.)  My left leg was crazy painful and my right leg was pretty much gone.  If I straightened my back even a little from my general hunch, I would lose my right leg all together, it wouldn't take weight at all.  So I dragged myself from bed to bathroom to chair and that was about as much as I did.  I took tramadol at night so I slept like a baby thankfully. 

This morning is much better. Still hunched over and get really bad nerve pain when I straighten up, but I can walk today without putting 70% of my weight on M or a bookcase or something.  I'm moving really really slow, and my steps are like 3 inches at a time, but my legs are taking weight (right isn't taking full weight yet), and I can move around and get up and down stairs as long as I do it while sitting.  That's progress at least.

The giant f-ing snowstorm coming in tonight isn't helping I'm sure.  :<

Just had a bout of Raynauds while typing.  Right hand, index, ring, and pinky finger. What fun.  We recently figured out that biting on the numb fingers until they hurt like hell will generally get the blood flowing into them again.  Like my body is going, shit man!  What the hell was that!  Ow!  Quick, send some troops in to see what the deuce is going on!  Hey, whatever you got to do, right?

Hand stiffness using middle finger as a measure.
Time: 9:59 PM
Can touch forearm? Yes.
Angle of extension of center joint of finger: 100º
Angle of extension of last joint of finger: 130º
Can touch forearm? No.
Angle of extension of center joint of finger: 90º
Angle of extension of last joint of finger: 110º 

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