Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter update

Pain level: 5
Dislocations so far today: right ankle once
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder a couple of times, left elbow once
Meds: Ketoprofen-- 1 twice a day. 
Major complaint:  stiffness/pain/swelling in my fingers, hand, and wrist (R>L)

First off--Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!  We had a nice breakfast with my fam' this morning and a lovely dinner with M's family.  It was really nice day, despite our "spring" manifesting in 80º weather.  So sue me for liking 60º days. 

I am happy to report that I am doing much much better on this new medicine.  The side effects are practically nil so far, and the swelling in my hands has gone down.  It's not at all like when I started taking the Meloxicam and my hands went immediately back down to almost normal--like how they used to be before they started acting up like this.  That was awesome, though.  

The Ketoprofen doesn't bring the swelling down to that, but it brings the swelling and pain down enough that I can use my right hand.  It's still all puffy, but about half the size it is without the meds.  And at this point without the medicine, my right hand is significantly worse off than it was at its worst when I was on the Meloxicam, so I think this new puffy-but-usable will likely become my new goal for "normal."  

My only problem so far with the Ketoprofen is that it's a 6-8 hour med, so I'm not covered the whole day.  If I take it at dinner as instructed, it's nearly out of my system around the time I go to sleep--so when I wake up in the morning, my hands are a friggin' mess.  It's especially bad if I wake up earlier than usual, like today.   My right hand was swollen, nearly immobile, mad-painful, discolored, and very cold to the touch.  About a half and hour after I take the Ketoprofen with breakfast, the swelling starts to come down and I get movement back in the hand.  Don't get me wrong, it's a really awesome transformation to watch and feel.  I'd just sort of like to use my right hand all the time.

But it is amazing how much difference not being on the Etodolac (i.e. not feeling as though I have constant food poisoning) can have on a person.  I just feel better as a whole.  Spirits are currently up and I like them that way.

And since I'm in a better place and I have some cheer leftover today, I'm sending out springtime love and gentle hugs to all who need them.  I hope they arrive promptly.

Hand stiffness using middle finger has measure
Time: 10:04 PM
Can touch forearm? Just barely
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 50º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 120º
Can touch forearm? Not a chance.  Yowch!
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 40º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 100º

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