Sunday, April 18, 2010

My hand is patriotic.

Pain level: 6
Dislocations so far today: none so far
Subluxations so far today: Right shoulder a couple of times, right elbow once
Meds: Ketoprofen-- 1 twice a day. 
Major complaint:  more stiffness/pain/swelling/itching/tingling in my fingers, hand, and wrist (R MUCH >L)

I gambled and won on Friday by having just enough drinks to be able to mute the pain enough to do a little bit of dancing at a friend's birthday party, but I didn't get drunk enough to forget my limits and then wake up the next day wanting to kill myself for overdoing it.  I woke up Saturday feeling sore but not terribly so, which was awesome.  Booze as painkillers normally backfires on me pretty badly.

My right hand has been on again off again.  Mostly it's just been getting worse.  I get a couple hours out of the day when I feel like I can use the hand like normal, but mostly I'm either dropping things that I think I can hold but can't or I can't use the hand at all.  My fine motor skills with that hand are shot.  Small distances are messing me up when I try to put things down where I want them and stuff like that.  It's probably just the swelling, but it seems like I can't feel as well with my right hand as with my left.  Like if I run my left index finger over my sweatshirt I get one feeling, and if I use my right index finger I get mostly the same thing except muted, less detail.  It's all going on the list to tell the doctor on the 29th.

Balloon Hand returned today.  Along with a minor appearance of Balloon Lip.  I'm hoping the mouth swelling is just to do with the fact that they found water that they missed in the basement from the flooding and my system has freakouts from mold.  The lip is so far not as bad as last time. Took a Claratin, so we'll see.  Balloon hand is really stupid though.  I tried to force it to bend earlier and I felt that same stinging I got when my thumb split so I cut that shit out right away.  It's starting to get a little better by now.  

When I went outside to see my mom my right hand turned blue.  Like crayon blue.  I don't like it.  I rubbed my fingers and they turned immediately bright white and then eventually went back to normal after a brief stint of bright red and burning.  I feel so American.  But I mean really, I could just buy a flag, so no need to ever do that again, okay?

Hand stiffness using middle finger has measure

Time: 4:31 PM
Can touch forearm? no, about 2 inches off
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 30º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 90º OW!
Can touch forearm? Not even funny how much this isn't a possibility
Angle of extension of the center joint of finger: 20º
Angle of extension of the last joint of finger: 60º
I really am trying to get used to those numbers, but it just feels so weird to have so little movement in my hands.

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