Friday, April 9, 2010

Histamines? Why you gotta be this way?

A few hours after dinner (and my second dose of Ketoprofen for the day) the minimal swelling on the right side of my upper lip has ballooned up.  Balloon hand.  Balloon lip.  Dinner was nothing exotic and it's not like I just started taking the Ketoprofen, so I have no idea where this is coming from.  Maybe it's just a repeat of my random allergic reactions from when I was 12-ish?

I look like I got into a bar fight and have been punched in the mouth.  But in a very dignified way.  That is until I hold up my bright orange washcloth full of ice to my mouth and make the I am uncomfortable and slightly grumpy eyes.  Then I just look I got into a bar fight.

The swelling just kept getting worse so I took some Benadryl (in case you can't tell) and I'm waiting for that to kick in.  We're really hoping this is not me suddenly becoming allergic to the Ketoprofen since it seems to be working and not destroying my digestive tract.  I have been advised by the mom-in-law to take the weekend off from Ketoprofen, see how that goes, and talk to my doctor next week.

But until then, I plan to sleep the sleep of the Benadryl.  G'night, all!

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