Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Much Snow

Figured I'd update this thing before the next storm knocks me on my ass yet again.  (We're looking at 20+ inches in the next two days.  UGH.)

My visit with Dr. T went great.  We went over my medical history and he gave me refills on the meds I don't get through the mail.  He was nice and soft-spoken and a good listener.

The thing that stuck out most to me is that he didn't make me feel like a circus freak.  Once most docs see the "frequent dislocations" thing, they start requesting me to do the tricks, the clicks, the thunks, the bends, the twists.  And then, of course, they say I shouldn't be doing those things since it's bad for my joints.  Right.  As long as it's not for you.  But Dr. T didn't go asking me to bend all my bendy bits.
  So either:

A. That's not his style because he's Canadian and super-chill.  (We Americans think Canadians are all super-chill and cool.)

or B. He doesn't quite know what EDS is and was opting to do his own research at a later time and catch up with me at my follow up. 

I wouldn't blame him.  I came in with a huge mofo of a stack of records and a laundry list of conditions that he didn't have time before my appointment to go over.  But overall, I like him and at the very least he seems really low-stress.  Yay!

He is making me go on ANOTHER medication and get a bunch of vaccinations though.  Apparently, he doesn't like that I'm not on something to protect my stomach since I've been on 1000mg of naprosyn a day for a few years and will likely never be able to come off it unless I go on something else different/stronger.  Bleeding ulcers are a big risk and the risk just goes up.  So I'm taking prevacid now.  Bringing my good-day pill count up to 12.  I am made of pills! XD

Also I'm apparently immuno-compromised enough from the plaquenil that I need to get a flu shot, a pneumonia vaccine, and a tetanus shot.   So I got my first ever flu shot which was no big deal.  Still need to get the others.

Okay, need to stop typing now.  Just wanted to update this thing before the snow starts up again.  Best of luck to all of those getting hit by the storm and to everyone else in general who needs it. 


  1. wow that is a lot of snow. If indeed it arrives or it may have already and my eyes are going funny which means I won't check the weather around your parts I hope you are keeping warm and safe. Thank you for your kind thoughts to other bloggers it means a lot as other EDSers understand so much more than everyday non blogosphere people about life with EDS. So a kind thought is good. In return please accept a gentle virtual hug.

    I know nothing of naprosyn but wonder if it is anti inflammatory - known in the UK as an nsaid, I am allergic they make me itch big time but also would err on side of caution on taking if not allergic as I have read a lot of info with regard to them and EDS. For some they work but there is a school of thought that feels if there is no inflammation they may make us prone to more injury because they reduce the synovial fluid making the joint vulnerable. Some with EDS suffer inflammation terribly and I am not one of those thankfully. Although do have the obligatory, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc. This is just a hypothesis on the nsaid's though and I am a mere lay person with no medical qualification. Its just good to be able to mention stuff to other EDSer's knowing they will understand - its just good to talk as they say"

    Over here we have to have tetanus every ten years to be on the safe side. I am supposed to have the flu vaccine as prone to pleurisy but it has an odd effect on me, which I don't notice but OH does saying that he thinks I am far more tired etc when I have had one. I don't really know whether this is true or not or incidental. I would always urge people to have one if there is no reason why they shouldn't. Far better to be on the safe side.

    Well I seemed to have talked a load of twaddle tonight I wonder if you have guessed my pain levels are pretty high and have woken in the night trying to distract by catching up on posts in my browser.

    Wow I cannot imagine that much snow, the UK comes to a complete standstill in an inch or so. I have always wanted to go to Canada, there is something about the canadian accent, the wide open spaces and log cabins, the french influence etc that has appealed to me. One can but dream! I agree entirely on your comments on laid back Canadian doctor, I would just adore it if next time I visited the gp he had transformed into such a man.

    So finishing now finally and also wish everyone well who may be hit by the storm you describe as well as good thoughts to anyone else who may need them. I am sure collective good thoughts must make someone's day a little better. I am not religious in any particular way, other than being mindful of my verity and probity and hang over inner thoughts from being sent to a convent school many years ago now but do think good thoughts are catching.

    Genuine Apologies for long comment and content within, in my defence I have taken a cocktail of painkillers which I think have made my mind wander - Bendy fingers double crossed here in the UK that you are safe and today is a good day.

  2. We are currently getting 12-15 inches today. It's all white outside. I can't even see the other buildings in our complex. And thank you for the gentle hug. :)

    Naprosyn is an NSAID, it's Aleve basically. I'm not allergic and have taken pretty much every NSAID out there and this is the one that causes me the least side effects. And I don't take it for the EDS since I've never had inflammation in regard to my joints from EDS besides when my hip decides to go all bursitis on me. I have to take it for my autoimmune disease which is causing horrible swelling and inflammation in my hands. Pretty much everything I'm taking is for this autoimmune thing. Only thing I have for EDS is my tramadol. (Which I'm on thanks to this huge storm.)

    New England is sort of used to this type of thing. 20+ inches of snow in a storm is something we expect once or twice a season. But it's been rapid fire around here recently. Just one storm after another and we're getting pretty sick of it. There just isn't anywhere to put the snow anymore!

    I have also taken my painkillers (otherwise I wouldn't be able to type this) so I totally get the high pain level needing to type up a big comment. Here look at me go!

    No apologies needed and I am sending my good thoughts back to you and anyone who needs it, bendy or not. And thank you for your kind words and your comment which gave me something to read and distract me when my pain levels are a bit out of control at this moment. Now I'm rambling too. Let's just wrap this up. Stay warm, everyone!