Thursday, January 20, 2011

I got the New Doctor Nerves

Nervous nervous nervous!  Today I'm meeting with my new Primary Care Doc,  Dr. T.  I was really sad to lose my old PC since we was probably the best doctor I've ever had.

My fellow bendy folks out there know what I'm talking about. 

I had Dr. B broken in.  He understood the EDS as this rare condition I have as opposed to other docs who looked at me and called my symptoms impossible and dismissed me as attention seeking.  UGH.  And I don't want to go through it again.  My mistrust of doctors is pretty stupidly deep.  And I'm tired of it.  I just want to find a good doctor, attach my suction pads too him so he can never move or retire, so he can be my White Knight against the rest of the world.  Because it was absolutely amazing the kind of turn around my medical care had once I found Dr. B. 

I would tell doctors, "I keep dislocating my joints.  Um, help?  Please?"

And they'd go, "You can't do that!  Crazy person alert!"

But Dr. B said, "Oh my.  You ARE dislocating your joints!  Diagnosing you!"

AND Dr. B would also say, "Hey other doctor!  This girl is dislocating her joints.  Could you help?"

And they'd say, "Oh dear!  Dislocating joints?  Neat-o!  Let me see what I can do!"

So I'm nervous.  I just want another one of those.  I have a friend who sees Dr. T and said he's super chill so I have high hopes and I'll be going armed with the best weapon I have--my wifey.    Right now I'm copying something like 100 pages of medical records.  Sorry trees!

I talked to Dr. K from Tufts.  He doesn't like how bad my hands have been in the past few weeks.  Said he might consider putting me on MTX but we'd need to meet to go over things before that.  At this point I am opting out of treatment with MTX.  Yes indeedy.  I'm okay to not go on chemotherapy just yet.  I don't think things are that that awful bad right now. 

I just think my body really hates winter.  We keep getting blasted by snow and ice storms and my joints are feeling every bit of it.  I'm so done with winter.   Okay, Spring.  You can come out now! I expect once the weather warms back up that my hands will be back to how good they were in the fall. 

Which is still pretty sucky for a normal person, but I'll take what I can get with a big-ass smile.


  1. So glad your wife can be with you to support you... Also, I think :::slowly::: that doctors are getting better. I also moved and had to switch drs within the last year and every trip to a new one was fraught with anxiety. Mostly, things worked out well, save an awful trip to urgent care where I was asked whether EDS was actually a problem or just craziness + circus tricks. But I'm wishing you much luck and some unseasonably warm weather.

  2. I hope Dr. T was good to you and I'm looking forward to more (hopefully positive) updates. I love reading your words, you know how to articulate your thoughts and feelings and pain so well.