Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Speed Update.

Sort of like speed dating.  Here we go!

  • Went through all my antibiotics and still felt crappy.  Probably because I was overdoing it the whole time.  So I dedicated 2 days to doing jack-shit, drinking tons of water, and relaxing.  Fever broke, stomach pain stopped, infection gone.  Yippee!
  • I still can't pee like a normal person though.  It still takes a while to convince my bladder to part with its contents.  Neuro doc says it could be a result of my back problems getting worse.  Great.
  • Speaking of which! Saw the Neuro Bowtie Doc for results.  The EMG came back normal as he expected.  He's confident that I have an autoimmune disease and is throwing the ball back in the Rheumy's court. 
  • Talked to Dr. K who agreed I should cancel my appointment with the second Neuro instead of redoing all the tests and such.
  • Started Plaquenil so I had to have an eye exam with pupil dilation.  I goddamn hated it.  I have good vision and didn't handle it well when everything was suddenly blurry.  That adventure here. (My entry is fine, but most of the blog is not work friendly.  And probably offensive.  But funny.)
  • Hands have been having good and bad days.  When they are good, it's pretty damn cool.  When they are bad, they are bad.  
  • Left elbow doesn't want to straighten.  Weird.
  • Seeing Dr. K on the 20th.  Hoping to figure out which autoimmune disease I have within the next decade.  That'd be cool.  (And faster than it took the docs to figure out that I have EDS.)

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