Friday, July 30, 2010

Holy Social Security, Batman!

I got a call today that I have been approved for state disability benefits.

I don't believe it.  I really don't.  I'm in shock.  I only applied in March and everyone told me expect to wait a year to hear their decision.  Expect to be denied the first time.  Everyone gets denied the first time.  Expect to have to appeal in court at least once.  Expect to wait around 2 years to finally win your claim.

But I got a call today saying that my claim had been approved and I figured, "Cool!  My claim has been approved to move on the next level.  Time to go see their scary Social Security doctors." 

And she asked if I had a few minutes and I said of course.  We went back over all the stuff I had told them to make sure nothing had changed.  Then she said I would start receiving a check for X amount on the first of the month.  And I thought, WAIT A SECOND.  WHAT THE HELL?

So I let her continue to talk and wish me a wonderful weekend and I did the same and I just sat there in silence for a second.  I brought my notebook over to M and pointed to the note that said, "Monthly check for $X" and then we both flipped the hell out in such a good way. 

I ended up calling Social Security right back because I had questions like, "Am I getting health insurance too?" (I am!) that I hadn't even thought to ask because I was so completely speechless.

I'm convinced this is some paperwork mistake that they will figure out and revoke once they see that I never underwent an eval from their doctors but maybe I'm just paranoid.

Really I'm just surprised and shocked and elated and so happy that I can start paying for my own groceries and things like that.  Things I haven't been able to do for almost two years now. 

I STILL don't have the words to express how this makes me feel.  I really needed this.  I had been feeling so overwhelmed and bogged down and ready to sink.
Thank you, Universe.