Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I haven't updated in a bit as there isn't much new to say.  My body has been par for the course.

My right hand is still swollen, painful, cold and most often unusable.

My left hand is starting to swell more.

I'm getting my normal dislocations/subluxations though nothing major or debilitating (for me that is, which I classify as completely bedridden for more than a few hours).

Spinal stenosis pain has been rearing its head a couple times a day.

My clumsiness from the EDS is only getting worse since I have to do the bulk of my maneuvers with my left (non-dominant) hand.  It seems like I drop/knock over everything I touch.

I feel like I should be more upset about how difficult so many everyday tasks are now with how my hand has been, or how many things I just have to say, "Nope, that's not something I can do right now," silly things like opening a door, or things I really love like knitting.  I have been learning a great deal of alternate ways accomplish some tasks with my one good hand, and I'm usually crazy-stubborn enough to do things this way instead of letting M do them for me at a fraction of the time and effort.

But the reality is that there is nothing I can do until I see this doctor.  I can't treat RSD (if I have it) on my own more than I am, and I'm not babying the hand anymore than I have to to keep the skin from splitting open.  I still feel like I should probably be less okay with this.  Either I'm getting good at lowering my standards or I'm tuned into my inner Zen.    Maybe getting used to losing things is just par for the course.

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